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South Shore Women’s Golf Association Gives Back Through Winter Simulator Tournament

By: Nia Fredrich

Though the winter months can be a time to step away from golf, spend time traveling, or just think about anything but being on the course, the South Shore Women’s Golf Association uses this time to stay connected to the game of golf and its local community.

This organization, formed of members from the region’s public and private courses, is designed for women to join a community that revolves around the game. From tournament play and social events, to casual play days, there is room for everyone to be involved.

“The WGA has about 50-60 members where we run tournaments throughout the year, but we have a few fundraisers and give back to the community,” said Sarah Jacobson, one of the South Shore WGA board members. “It’s a great place to be, a great group of women, and we’ve really enjoyed running this event.”

Since most of its events are housed in partnership with the South Shore Country Club, a public course in the town of Hingham, many members join from right in town. But building this community of female golfers isn’t the only goal. For the last eight winters, the group has hosted an indoor charity tournament to raise awareness and donations for the Hingham Food Pantry.

Just enough room for the driver. Every open space was full of donated food. (Mass Golf)

During the event this past Saturday, the simulator room at South Shore Country Club was full of laughter, golf clubs, raffle baskets, and food donations (enough to fill to car!).

“It’s a great time together, but even more of an opportunity to give back to our community,” Jacobson said. “Right now we organize raffles and fundraise and collect food for the Hingham Food Pantry right in town. We just raised $680 and a car full of food. It’s a great group of women here at South Shore Country Club.”

Many South Shore WGA members contributed by providing raffle items. (Mass Golf)

In addition to this annual food drive, the group gathers every week in the winter in the same capacity to enjoy one another’s company through laughter and music.

Margaret Conaty, WGA President, made it known to me that the group doesn’t only gather on occasion, but instead, its relationships with South Shore Country Club allow members to come together many weekdays and weekends during the golf season with tee times blocked off for the group to get out on the course. In the winter, they gather every Wednesday in a simulator league style of play, but really just to have fun. Conaty, who retired as Hingham High School’s athletic director in 2017, gave an ode to how great the group of ladies is, and even though she didn’t find the organization until after retirement, she is still inspired to play.

This group of women is full of people from different backgrounds, public and private course members, as well as a variety of skill and age levels. Alysia Pelliccia is a proud member of the WGA and is the Hingham High assistant girls golf coach. Growing up, she played on the boys team and was one of the first members of Hingham’s girls golf team. She continues to pursue the sport, and even while recovering from a broken ankle, she is able to participate in WGA indoor events.

Board member Glenna Goodnow (second from left) said “We love Mass Golf” during this photo. Her group scored the most points during the first session of the tournament. (Mass Golf)

It was inspiring to be in a room full of women gathered by the game and supporting a great cause. The WGA will celebrate its 35th anniversary next year. From its winter indoor sessions to weekends and weekdays on the course, there’s room for anyone to join and be in on the fun with the South Shore Women’s Golf Association. 


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