Our Brand Story - MASSGOLF

Our New Identity



We have established a name that’s memorable and undisputedly our own, offering a more modern representation of our association.


We are more than just an acronym, and our distinctive M and G further distinguish Mass Golf – both in form and function – from other MGA’s.


A symbol of strength, the shield embodies Mass Golf’s dedication to protecting and promoting the game for all golfers.


A nod to our prominence in American history, red, white and blue fittingly represent golf’s past, present and future in the Commonwealth.


Leading the golf community by creating lasting life experiences through play, competition and developmental programs.


Advancing the game of golf in Massachusetts by building an engaged community around the sport.


As the foundation of Mass Golf, our core values – community, competition, play and join – will guide our approach to promoting and advancing the game throughout Massachusetts.


We provide key services, products and programs to Member Clubs, and create ample resources and platforms for all golfers and fans across the state.


We conduct state-wide Championships, events and elite tournaments, and utilize the handicap system to allow for competitive opportunities for golfers at the local, regional and national level.


We celebrate the tradition, fun and enjoyment of golf, and leverage the handicap system to provide a level playing field for golfers of all ages and abilities.


We will continue to celebrate our commitment to Member Clubs and golfers, and encourage anyone interested in the game to join.

Key Services


Club Services

Mass Golf remains committed to providing exceptional and broad-reaching services to our Member Clubs.


Since 1900, Mass Golf has sponsored elite state-wide competitions for men, women, junior and seniors.


Through a robust handicap system, Mass Golf helps to create a level playing field for golfers of all ages and abilities.

Junior Golf

Creating a pathway for the youngest generation and using the game of golf and its values to make a difference is at the heart of Mass Golf’s mission.

Member Days

By changing format, field size and location there is a Mass Golf event for players of all ages and skill levels.


An active social media platform keeps golfers engaged and informed while they are on the course or on the go.


Dedicated to being the golf news source in the Bay State, Mass Golf communicates with golfers through a variety of channels.


Give back and make a difference by being a part of the Mass Golf Family. Volunteer opportunities allow everyone to be a part of the fun.

Women’s Events

Aimed at providing female golfers with a comfortable and casual playing environment, there are options for all ladies.


Mass Golf is grateful to the Member Clubs and individual golfers who make this game so great.