Quick 9 with the Women of Mass Golf - MASSGOLF


get to know the women of mass golf with a quick 9

We are so fortunate to have such a strong group of women who care so deeply about the sport and the growth of the women’s game. Get to know more about the women behind the scenes and learn how to get more involved in the future.



Mass Golf Administrative Services Coordinator

As A 14 Year Veteran Of Mass Golf You Would Know Her Voice Anywhere

What motivates you? Being part of the team and getting the job done. I am motivated by our successes.


Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? Don’t judge anyone, they are the only ones walking in their shoes.


What is your favorite Mass Golf memory? The year I turned 50, the entire staff, including everyone who works at the Golf House, put together a surprise birthday party for me. Being able to all spend time together was wonderful. They totally surprised me!


What is your favorite food? Town Spa Pizza


Favorite song? I have too many favorites! Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight


What is your favorite hobby? I love to read, hike and shop. A little bit of everything! Hiking Blue Hills with my kids is always fun.


Best part of working at Mass Golf? The people. Working with the greatest and most talented people.


Favorite place to travel to in Mass? The Cape


Most looking forward to this fall? I love the change of seasons. The smell in the air, the temperature change.  Nothing beats being home on a Sunday and cooking something special to have while we watch the Patriots play.


chelsea curtis

Mass Golf Board of Directors

“Deep breaths – first tee shot is the hardest mentally!”

What is your favorite golf memory? Playing Pinehurst on Sunday with the same pin position as Payne Stewart in 1999 and making a similar putt to win the hole in match play.


Dream foursome? Babe Zaharias, Condaleezza Rice, Annika Sorenstam


What advice would you give to someone interested in being more involved in tournament play? Don’t worry about the result and your score. Just get out and play, play, play. It’s the best way to practice tournament play and get better faster.


What is your favorite snack on the golf course? Goldfish


What is your favorite golf drill?  Putting with my eyes at the hole to get a feel for speed.


What is your favorite memory in your professional career? Playing in my first professional Futures Tour event (now Symetra Tour), my Hampton Inn breakfast was interrupted by a man asking directions to the course. We chatted for a bit and discussed how this was both our first time at a Futures Tour event. Later in the day during first year orientation, the same man stood up and addressed the group as the new LPGA  Commissioner! It was Mike Whan. He’s been a great asset to the LPGA and I unknowingly got to speak with him.


Favorite golf course you have played? I have several to check off the list, but Bandon Dunes is my favorite so far. I really enjoyed Old Mac with the links style right on the ocean.


Short term goal with your game? Play in more Mass Golf events


Dream vacation location? Trip to New Zealand with plenty of golf

Sally degan

Mass Golf Board of Directors

“Focus on your target not the distractions along the way – works for more than just golf.”

What is your favorite golf course? George Wright – I am a Donald Ross lover and a public golfer through and through


What is your favorite hobby? (besides golf)  My golf obsession doesn’t leave much time for other hobbies.


Chipping or putting? Long putts (don’t let my match play opponents know I hate short putts)


Favorite part of being on Mass Golf’s Board? Bringing the ideas and concerns of the many women I play with to the attention of the board.


What is your favorite golf memory? Me and my dad lying on a putting green staring up at the stars on vacation


What is your favorite golf rule? You have three options if your ball lands in SPIT or someone SPITS on your ball – play it as it lies, casual water, or loose impediment (who would choose that?)


Dream foursome?  My buddies – Val Casella, Kati Bengtsson, and Daria Insalaco


Favorite ice cream? JP Licks Kahlua with heath bar crunch sprinkled on top


Bucket list golf course top 3?  Augusta, St. Andrews and Whistling Straights



Mass Golf Board of Directors

“Looking forward to the opportunity to socialize with friends in a safe way this season.”


What is your favorite golf memory?  A couple of years ago I went to Ireland with some friends.  Our first round was at Lahinch; it was overcast and misty, but I loved every minute of it as it was everything I had expected from Ireland.  The scenery was beautiful at every course we played, and the Irish people were welcoming and have a wonderful sense of humor.


What are your Top 3 bucket list golf courses?  Bandon Dunes, Whistling Straights, St. Andrews


What is your favorite hobby? (besides golf)  I enjoy cycling and running.


What advice would you give to someone interested in being more involved in tournament play?  For someone interested in tournament play, I would suggest they start with a partner event.  That is a great way to ease into competitive golf, and it is also gives you the opportunity to meet and play with new people, and a chance to perhaps makes some lifelong friendships.


What is your favorite golf drill?  I don’t necessarily have a favorite drill but I have discovered during the past few weeks that I definitely need to spend time on the range warming up before playing!


Chipping or putting? Putting for sure!


Favorite golf course in Massachusetts? I love Farm Neck for the serenity and scenery.


Advice for the 1st tee?  Breathe!


Favorite part of being on Mass Golf’s Board?  Mass Golf (and previously the WGAM) has given me the opportunity to meet and work with people I never would have met during my professional career.  Working the championship committee and being rules volunteer has given me new challenges which I have enjoyed and embraced.


Kelly Petracca

Vice President of Mass Golf Board of Directors

“Enjoy the beautiful day and don’t take yourself too seriously!”


What is the best advice you ever received?  Find a caring mentor who will help elevate you in education, career and/or golf!


What is your favorite golf memory?  I was fortunate enough to travel to Scotland for the first time two years ago with my husband and 6 other friends.  It was primarily a golf trip, and naturally one of the bucket list items was to play the Old Course at St. Andrews but we couldn’t seem to snag one of the coveted tee times through the maze of lottery options. Our unlikely hero overheard us talking and offered to take us out.  I teed off with my husband and bus driver, Stuart, as a “local” in the late afternoon of a beautiful Scottish day, walking with a push cart and finishing 18 just before it got too dark to see our balls.  It was a magical experience to play the Old Course this way and then finish in the 19th hole at The St. Andrews Golf Club with Stuart overlooking the 18th green.  It was a perfect day and one I will NEVER forget.


What is your favorite snack on the golf course?  Kind Bar (salt and dark chocolate)


Dream foursome?  Arnie Palmer, Annika Sorenstam, Tiger Woods


What is your favorite hobby? (besides golf) You might be surprised to know that I sing and play the piano.  I put my ear buds in and jam to songs off Spotify that I have sheet music to…it becomes a fantasy band experience!


Favorite golf course in Massachusetts?  This is such a hard one, since I truthfully have only played about one-third of MA courses and so many are very special for different reasons, but…the history of Francis Ouimet’s improbable win as an amateur at the 1913 U.S. Open with his young caddy, Eddie, pulls my heart strings every time!  Vote goes to Woodland Golf Club, where Francis was an actual member and is represented as one of 3 stars in the logo (and where I am currently a member) and The Country Club where it all happened.


Dream vacation location?  South Africa…golf, vineyards & safari


Short term goal with your game?   Improve putting…think 1 putt!


Favorite part of being on Mass Golf’s Board?  Working with kindred spirits who want to see the game that we love grow and “hook” others.