Youth On Course - Isaac Davis - MASSGOLF


Fourteen-year-old Isaac Davis just started playing golf in 2022 and joined Youth on Course (YOC) in order to be able to play more affordable golf. He proceeded to play the fifth most rounds of any Mass Golf YOC member in his first year ever playing golf! We caught up with Isaac and his mother Amy to talk about YOC and how Isaac’s membership has created opportunities and great times for him and his friends.

Isaac, a lifelong hockey player, said he got his start by simply playing in his backyard. “My friend and I out of the blue were chipping around in the yard, and we said, ‘Let’s try and go golfing today.’ We went to Rockland Golf Club and that’s where we found out about YOC.”

According to Amy, “He had been to the driving range less than 15 times in his life and had never played a round before this. He went out on the course and was hooked from day one!”

Both Isaac and Amy see his Youth on Course membership and newfound passion for golf as being valuable going forward in life as well. “Golf is a skill in life where you can improve all on your own,” Amy said. She also stressed that Isaac would not have become involved with golf had it not been for Youth on Course. From their perspective, “There wasn’t enough time in his schedule to warrant a membership, but now he golfs all the time.”

As for why they would recommend Youth on Course for young golfers? Isaac put it perfectly when he said, “It’s just a lot of fun. Golf isn’t easy, but once you go a couple times it’s fun, and especially when your friends can join you.”

Amy added that the family aspect of Youth on Course is a great benefit as well, as it creates more opportunities for their family to play together. “My husband can go and find a YOC course, and Isaac can pay $5.” Besides their home course at Rockland Golf Club, Isaac has been able to venture out to other YOC participating courses such as Kings Way Golf Club, Cranberry Valley Golf Course, and Chatham Seaside Links.

Young golfers and their families all over the country are seizing the opportunity – just as Isaac and Amy have done – with their Youth on Course memberships. There are few better ways to grow the game than giving kids affordable access to golf, and Isaac is a shining example of the value that YOC can provide!

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