Mass Golf | Mother & Daughter

2019 Mother & Daughter / Member & Junior

Milton-Hoosic Club
Milton  | July 29

ENTRY FEE: $200/18 Hole Divisions  $100/ 9 Hole Divisions Per Team of Two
ENTRY CLOSE:  July 11, 2019






Whether your team is made of up a mother and daughter/granddaughter combination or you would like to partner with an unrelated junior golfer, this event is open to all ages and skill levels up to a 36 handicap index. Teams compete in 18-hole foursomes in divisions determined by the age of the junior player. Juniors are not required to have a handicap index to compete but they do need a GHIN number.


Mother & Daughter: All Classes (Mother or daughter must be a current Mass Golf member). The term “Mother” includes Grandmothers and Great-Grandmothers. The term “Daughter” includes Granddaughter, Great-Granddaughter, and Daughter-in-law.  Please contact Mass Golf if a junior does not have an active GHIN index and we will assist you.  The July 1, 2019 GHIN revision will be used.

Division 1: Daughters 19 years and older.

Division 2: Daughters or Junior 14 years to 18 years (competitor eligible if she has not yet begun her first semester of college.

Division 3: Daughters 13 years and younger.

Member & Junior Divisions: A current Mass Golf female member may pair with a junior girl, age 18 or younger, who resides in Massachusetts.

Division A: Juniors 14-18 years old (competitor eligible only if she has not yet begun her first semester of college). Division A juniors who do not have a USGA handicap index should take a minimum of five scores to a Pro Shop to have a handicap index calculated and verified (enclose with entry). Otherwise, the player must play at a scratch.

Division B: Juniors 13 years and under.

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