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club leadership forum

The Club Leadership Forum was developed for the benefit of club officers, board members, committee chairs, owners and the professional staff (club managers, golf professionals and golf course superintendents).

The goals of the program include:

  • Creating opportunities for club leadership to participate in regional, informal gatherings on a periodic basis.
  • Deliver educational sessions presented by industry experts on current and relevant topics that are of specific interest to participating clubs.
  • To create opportunities for leaders to network with peer clubs and to encourage the sharing and exchange of ideas, challenges, opportunities and success stories.
  • Learn of ways that Mass Golf can further assist in the success of our Member Clubs.

Forum events are typically preceded by visits from Mass Golf staff with the leadership at clubs interested in participating.  The purpose of these visits is to gain insights on how the Club Leadership Forum might be tailored to best meet your club’s needs and interests.

For more information, please contact Mark Gagne at 774-430-9107 or


The Club Benchmarking Series: The staff of Club Benchmarking provided an in-depth presentation on how clubs are being impacted by increasing wages, the impact of ongoing inflation, and your club’s financial health.

Presentation Details:

Session 1:  Club Benchmarking 2022 Labor & Inflation Study Presentation

In late September, Club Benchmarking completed a comprehensive survey on how clubs are being impacted by increasing in wages and the impact of ongoing inflation.  Over 800 clubs participated in the study and Chris Barron, Executive Director of Club Benchmarking presented the results of this survey specific to Massachusetts participating clubs.  Chris walked through wage increase across hourly positions, how clubs are combating inflation and what level of dues increase clubs anticipated for the 2023 fiscal year.

Session 2: “Fueling the Capital Engine”

In this session, Chris Davis of Club Benchmarking discussed best practices pertaining to capital funding.  Regardless of a club’s size, scale, location, governance/ownership model, having a sustainable and “well fueled” capital engine is critical to any club’s long-term health and viability.  Chris discussed the obvious “levers” pertaining to capital funding and best practices and concepts to be aware of when building a club’s long term financial plan.

Originally held 12/6/2022 at Sandy Burr Country Club

The Club Benchmarking Series: The staff of Club Benchmarking provided an in-depth presentation on clubs’ financial health, member experience and effective governance. The three main topics included:

  • Seven characteristics of highly effective private club boards
  • Measuring your club’s capital health – which metrics matter?
  • A data-driven look at the efficiency vs. experience debate

Click here for a detailed outline of the event

Originally held 4/27/2022 at Wellesley Country Club

The Course Renovation Series – Woodland Golf Club: The first in a series, this event was designed to showcase current trends in course architecture, restoration and renovation in Massachusetts and provide insight to club leaders who may be contemplating, planning or in the midst of course construction and renovation work. Listen to industry experts Brad Klein (Golf Course Design Consultant), Tyler Rae (Golf Course Architect), Matthew Staffieri (MAS Golf Construction) and Tim Clarke (Tanto Irrigation) discuss Woodland Golf Club’s recent project with the club staff, Chris Donadio (Superintendent), Ted Griffin (Golf Professional) and Chris Simon (Green Chairman). Originally held 10/18/2021 at Woodland Golf Club



Sources for Restoration: Tyler Rae on what he looks for and what resources are most helpful when determining where he’s going to take the golf course from a renovation/restoration standpoint.


Aerial Hazards: Tyler Rae explains how he and Donald Ross view trees/aerial hazards on the golf course.


Bunkers as Hazards: Tyler Rae explains the thought process Donald Ross used when creating bunkers.


The Club Benchmarking Series: Using Data to Navigate the Financial Impact of COVID-19. Ray Cronin, Chris Davis and Chris Barron of Club Benchmarking present market intelligence showing trends since March 2020 and introduce monthly key performance indicators that make it possible for Mass Golf Member Clubs to track market trends relative to local and regional peer groups and to the industry overall. Originally aired 7/15/2020


Strategic Leadership Workshop: The Club Benchmarking team presented three sessions related to strategic governance and capital planning.

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