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Mark and Michael Souliotis Make it a Fifth; A First for Justin and Joey Monahan


SOUTHWICK, Massachusetts – Father Son Modified Scotch Tournament was contested for the 46th time as one of the oldest parent-child tournaments on the Mass Golf schedule. The Senior Division portion of the event was contested while battling the northeast weather conditions. With heavy rain fall in Western Massachusetts, the course conditions at The Ranch Golf Club had thoroughly changed throughout the duration of the event. Still managing to make something of the day, Mark and Michael Souliotis, of Haverhill Golf & Country Club, shot 1-under-par 71 to bring home their 5th title. The Junior Division on Tuesday was contested under much more favorable conditions until a light rain came down over the 4th playoff hole. Justin and Joey Monahan of Winchester Country Club were able to take home the title after 4 playoff holes and a 2-under 70.




Sons 19 and over, and both the player and father cannot have a combined Handicap Index exceeding 12.0

Mark and Michael Souliotis sealed the deal for the 5th time to once again etch their names in the Mass Golf history books as groups battled the weather to finish on Monday.

“It was a struggle..some of the shots were coming off kind of squirrelly from the water, it was tough. We had a hard time getting in on the par-5’s because it was just all wet. But I think we were kind of fortunate, we got a few dry points, considering. And the course held up really well, just a couple wet spots” said Mark

Mark and Michael Souliotis (Mass Golf)

Team Souliotis had been off to a complicated start. Over an hour delay and fighting the rain to finish, they carded 3 bogeys and 4 birdies in the difficult Modified Scotch format which was quite favorable under the soft conditions.

“Early on we were really attacking and taking the close hit shots and with the wet ground those more finess shots get tougher and so we ended up selecting the more full swings by the end and that definately appeared on our card” said Michael “We did it once and it cost us a bogey” said Mark “In high end sight that was the wrong shot, we should have taken the one from 130-yard instead of the 50-yard touchy shot. That was the one time it affected us”

Earlier in the evening, Paul Nothe and Mason Dumas held the clubhouse lead at an even par, until a birdie on the par-5 13th brought the Souliotis’ into the lead. Paired with the Souliotis’, Brendan and Jack Hester started to pick it up coming down the stretch, a strong birdie finish on the par-4 18th brought them in for an even-par finish.

Though requiring more strategy to the game in unusual weather, the Souliotis’ previously won in 2016, 2018, 2020, and 2022. They are not impartial to the format of the event. 

“We talk about the evens and the odds. Usually the even years its been Michael’s tee balls, my irons as the strong part of my game, and his putting. Today was absolutely the opposite which really fits to the fact that we won in an odd year. So I was hitting the driver really well, his irons he was on the pin all day long, he missed one pin. He made a nice birdie putt and 4 long par-putts.” said Mark

Even in unfavorable conditions, when asked what their favorite part of the course was, both answered with the greens.

“I like the greens the greens are NICE, they roll really well” said Mark. “And they had a lot of character, the slopes are not just classical back to front” said Michael. “No stupid slopes, they were tough” said Mark. “We had birdie putts almost every hole, inside of 12 feet, and we made a couple of them, but we were mystified about how the putt was breaking. So course knowledge helps here. Considering the rain, the course held up great.”

Congratulations to the remaining top five finishers in the Senior Division:

  • Brendan and Jack Hester (Pleasant Valley Country Club): Even 72
  • Paul Nothe and Mason Dumas (Ludlow Country Club, Student Membership/MIAA): Even 72
  • Joe and Joe Brosseau (Greathorse): 1-over 73
  • Mark and Thomas Grant (Foxborough Country Club, Norton Country Club): 2-over 74



Sons 14 to 18, cannot have a combined Handicap Index exceeding 20.0


Justin and Joey Monahan won their very first Mass Golf Father Son title on the fourth playoff hole over Andy and Michael McCormack, who had previously held the clubhouse lead as scores started to roll in for the second day of the Father Son Modified Scotch Tournament.

“We played well, we made some putts, and had a good time” said Joey.

As Justin and Joey Monahan came down the stretch, it looked as if there was a playoff in sight. Team Monahan finished in regulation with a bogey-birdie-par to tie the lead at 2-under.

This brings Team McCormack and Team Monahan to a playoff.

Justin (left) and Joey (right) Monahan (Mass Golf)

Keeping things tied up after 10 & 11, the first two playoff holes, Joey Monahan hit a tee shot to 5-feet on the par-3 12th. Making a 15-footer for par, Team McCormack stays alive when Team Monahan missed their putt. Keeping things square and headed back to hole 10. Justin made a putt for birdie for the pair to take home the title.

“We’ve never seen the golf course before, it was fun, there was a couple blind shots, but a lot of it was right in front of you. We both were able to hit the drivers pretty well, so we were able to get past the hard parts” said Justin “The course itself was awesome.”

In terms of strategy, especially with a playoff, Justin denotes their game to luck: “I think we got lucky. We played in the Father Son a lot at Winchester Country Club and so our format was I would drive first, he would go second, and we would kind of pick from there.” said Justin. “[Joey]’s a better ball striker than I am and he putts better than I, so its hard for me to pick anything but his shots all the time, but we made some putts and battled.”

Congratulations to the remaining top five finishers in the Junior Division:

  • Andy and Michael McCormack (Sacconnesset Golf Club): 2-under 70
  • Joseph and Ronan Mooney (Worcester Country Club): Even 72
  • Sheldon and Owen Hamilton (Marshfield Country Club): 1-over 73
  • David and Connor Bennett (Lebaron Hills Country Club): 1-over 73



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