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NORTON, Massachusetts – Mass Golf took part in the global celebration of Women’s Golf Day on Tuesday with a clinic for female golfers at the Links at Mass Golf. Mass Golf hosts the free event annually to make golf more approachable and enjoyable for women interested in the game.


Participants began their sessions with three rotations of instruction focused on the basics of golf, including putting, chipping and full swings. The instructional rotations lasted for 90 minutes total, after which golfers could play a short round on the Links’ front nine.

“It was wonderful to see so many women at the Links to celebrate Women’s Golf Day with us,” said Catherine Carmignani, Mass Golf’s Director of Communications & Marketing, who also leads the organization’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion committee. “Events like these are important because they make this game more welcoming and inclusive for women, which will help our sport and community continue to grow for years to come.”

A grandmother and granddaughter attending the clinic together receive instruction from PGA Professional Keith Gagnon, Mass Golf’s Manager of Course Rating, during their chipping rotation. (Mass Golf)


For the second year in a row, the Acushnet Company, which operates Titleist and FootJoy, sent 30 women associates to the clinic to encourage them to participate in and enjoy the sport.

“For the Acushnet Company, women’s golf is incredibly important,” said Alicia Madden, Titleist’s Director of Media. “And what better place is there to start with our women associates and make sure that they feel comfortable on the course and have fun when they’re playing.”

In addition to the clinic, the Acushnet Company greatly values Women’s Golf Day and what it signifies about the game, Madden said.

“Titleist and FootJoy are incredibly proud to partner with Women’s Golf Day because we think it’s a great way to get women out on the course in a fun and approachable way,” she said. “It’s a great way to introduce them to the game or help them improve their skills.”

An Acushnet Company associate laughs while learning how to do a full swing. (Mass Golf)


Martine Murphy and her daughter Madeline Murphy were one of several groups who headed out to the Links to participate in the clinic together.

“We started learning how to golf at the same time and had a good time learning everything together, and we thought this would be a great experience to get out together and support the Women’s Golf Day today,” Madeline said.

The two enjoyed continuing their learning alongside one another at multiple stations, joking that their biggest takeaway from the day was “putting and patience.”

Martine offered the following advice for any other mothers and daughters considering taking up golf together: “Definitely get out and do it, it’s a lot of fun and a lot of laughs, and you get a built-in companion.”

Madeline and Martine Murphy practice putting in the first clinic session. (Mass Golf)


Women golfers interested in learning more about the game can look forward to unique tournament opportunities and player development events hosted by Mass Golf later this summer.

More information will be posted on Mass Golf’s website and social media channels.


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