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Women’s Golf events 101

For clarity and uniformity you will see that many of the women’s golf event names and handicap formatting have been updated. Handicaps have been updated with numbers instead of letters and all of the Women’s Tournament names now have the format in the event name. Also, Women’s Championships have the type of event in the title along with the historic event name to keep its historic significance.

Click on any of the events below to be taken to the event page for additional details.

Due to Covid-19 some events have been cancelled or rescheduled in 2020. Please check the event specific pages for the most up to date information.

Which events should you play in? See below what kind of events you are eligible for and are interested in!



10.1 or less


10.2 or more    


18.0 or less


18.1 – 36.0


Up to 24.0


18.1 – 54.0


Up to 54.0





TEAMS OF 2      

TEAMS OF 4      








Do you have any ideas for future women’s events? I would love to hear your thoughts. You can reach out to Naomi Nesenoff, Manager of Women’s Events and Player Development, at NNesenoff@massgolf.org.