Mass Golf | Mother & Son

2020 Mother Son Modified Scotch

Wedgewood Pines Country Club
Stow  | July 14

ENTRY FEE: $200/18 hole Divisions  $100/ 9 hole Division  Per Teams of Two

ENTRY CLOSE: Thursday June 25, 2020 at 5:00 p.m.


E-mail if you want to be put on the Waitlist.



18 hole event and 9 hole event for partners who are 12 years old and under. Modified Scotch format for two golfers. There will be Gross and Net Divisions. 50% Combined Handicaps.

Description of format  – Both golfers hit their tee shot. Then they select which drive they want to use of the two and play alternate shot into the hole with that ball. Teams write down the team score on each hole. Add up all 18 holes and that is the gross score. Subtract the 50% combined handicap we will provide and that is your net score.

Golfers compete in divisions that are determined by the age of the son. Sons are not required to have a handicap index to compete but they do need a GHIN number. Can play with up to two sons.

Overall and division winner’s engraved on trophy.



Two person teams. Entries open to Mothers/Grandmothers and Sons/Grandsons . Entries are open to amateur golfers who have an active Mass Golf/GHIN Handicap Index not exceeding 54.0.0 (as determined by the June 25, 2020 Handicap Revision). Players with a handicap index of higher than 36.0 will be limited to a 36.0 Player Handicap. Please contact Mass Golf if you have a junior who needs a GHIN index. Mothers/Grandmothers can play with up to two sons.

Division 1:  Sons 19 years and older.

Division 2:  Sons 13 to 18 years old.

Division 3:  Sons 12 years and younger – 9 holes only.