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About Youth on Course – For Courses

Youth on Course (YOC) is designed to provide juniors with access to affordable golf throughout the Commonwealth, while creating an opportunity for additional revenue and exposure for our participating Mass Golf Member Clubs. A key aspect of Youth on Course is how your course is subsidized for YOC rounds; maximizing your revenue potential and only during days and times that work for your course.



  • Available days and times for YOC rounds can be determined at the Clubs discretion.
  • Mass Golf will work with you to determine the subsidy amount for each YOC round (typically around $10 to $15).  For example, if the YOC rate is established at $12 for 18 holes, the YOC golfer will pay no more than $5 and the remainder ($7) is subsidized by YOC/Mass Golf.
  • YOC members are required to call ahead to make a tee time and pay $5 or less per round.
  • Each time a YOC member comes to play, your staff will record the activity in an easy to use YOC online portal, which tracks the number of rounds and rates.
  • At the end of each month, your course will receive a check for the subsidy amount, based on the number of rounds played by YOC members.



  • Your course fills unused, designated times with little to no loss of revenue
  • Often times, Youth on Course members bring their parents to the course – who pay full rates – and/or purchase food and beverage, or gear for themselves or their participant
  • Youth on Course is growing nationwide. Your course receives national exposure on both Mass Golf website and the Youth on Course national website and map, driving members from around your region (and the country) to your course
  • A check after each month of successful round submission!
  • Develop a young and loyal customer base that are excited about your course
  • Youth on Course is here to support your goals and your course – call anytime for assistance
  • Helping to grow the game for future generations



In our efforts to grow the game and develop the next generation of golfers, we realize that one of the greatest barriers is cost.  Together with Youth on Course and our participating Mass Golf Member Clubs, we will ensure that our local youth can play golf affordably for generations to come.

For more information, contact Kyle Sherman, Manager of Member Events & Services, at 774-430-9014 or via e-mail at ksherman@massgolf.org