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Did you know that if you have an Mass Golf/USGA GHIN Handicap Index with any Member Clubs, you have your own personalized home portal on the Mass Golf web site? One of the many centerpieces of the Golfer Benefits program is the ability to manage your handicap information directly and through the My Mass Golf Home program which is accessible through the Member Login section.

This golfer benefit was designed to provide superior customer service to the golfers across the state who were looking to access their handicap information and, if their club allows, to post scores from any computer with internet access. Mass Golf is one of only a few golf associations to offer this type of program to its members!

The program also allows them to register for Championships, Tournaments and Member Days, update their contact information, change their password and manage all of their subscriptions (e-revisions, MassGolfer, etc.). If you are not yet a member, you must join through your club before utilizing this benefit.

You Already Have a Mass Golf/USGA GHIN Number

If you are using the My Mass Golf Home program for the first time, the system has automatically set your password to be the same as your GHIN number. To log in, enter your current GHIN number in the login and password fields. If you have established a password in the past (most likely through Mass Golf’s online registration program), please input your GHIN # and your personal password.

CLICK HERE to input.

If you have forgotten your password, click here and we will email you that information. Remember that you can change your password at anytime once you log in to the system.

You Have Never Had a Mass Golf/USGA GHIN Number

If you have never had a handicap index with a Mass Golf Member Club or utilized a third-party vendor service (such as US Handicap or My Scorecard), you currently do not have access to the My MGA Home program and are not eligible for any of the Mass Golf Golfer Benefits.

To obtain your handicap index for the season, do one of the following.

CLICK HERE to obtain an index online through the Mass Golf Members Now! program

Members Now! makes it easier than ever to obtain a handicap index through participating Member Clubs online. The program will allow you to select a club from a drop-down menu. Upon completion of the transaction, you will be assigned a GHIN # and you can start posting scores.

Once you have posted five adjusted gross scores, the system will calculate your personal handicap index. You will also be able to immediately utilize your personal My Mass Golf Home portal, download Mass Golf Mobile, begin receiving your e-revision emails and much more!

CONTACT a Mass Golf Member Club to get set up

You can also always visit one of the more than 360 facilities located across the state. A member of pro shop will be able to set you up with a Mass Golf/USGA GHIN handicap index for the season.

The Member Club database includes contact information, course rating data and direct links to the club’s home page. The Bay State offers a wide assortment of courses to choose from and every club listing includes contact information, course rating data and direct links to the club’s home page. The Member Club directory allows you to sort by:

  • Region (North Shore, South Shore, Berkshires, Cape Cod, Greater Springfield and Greater Springfield and Greater Boston )
  • Type (public, private, semi-private, municipal and non real estate)

Professionals or Non-Affiliated Amateurs

The Massachusetts Open Championship, Massachusetts Junior Amateur Championship, Massachusetts Girls’ Junior Amateur Championship and the Massachusetts Young Golfers’ Amateur Championship allow certain non Mass Golf members to register. Those individuals who do not hold a MassGolf/USGA GHIN Handicap Indices with a Member club must create a new, non-affiliated account.

To get started, CLICK HERE and fill out the fields for first name, last name and email. Since you do not have a GHIN #, you can leave that field blank and then click “find me”. You will then go through the account set-up process. Once that has been completed, you can always access your My Mass Golf Home account via the Member Login link.